Welcome to the Pursuit of Healthiness!

About the blog

Pursuit of Healthiness was started in November of 2010 as a way to document my journey with food, exercise and staying healthy in college.  Once I graduated college and moved out on my own, I transitioned the blog to be more about staying healthy on a budget.  You will find recipes (both health supportive and indulgent), tips on eating healthy and great motivation for exercising here.  I also throw some stories in about my new life as a college grad from time to time.  While I never want to say that my way is the right way, I hope this little blog inspires you to try some new things, become a bit more active and fall in love with being healthy.

About me

Hi readers! My name is Courtney Davis and I am the blogger behind Pursuit of Healthiness! I am 22 years old and I live in Hoboken, NJ.  I currently work in public relations supporting a well-known toy company and I really love my job.  The reason I majored in and pursued public relations as a career is because I love to write.  That is one of the reasons I started this blog.  It gives me an outlet to write about what I am so passionate about-health and wellness.

I love cooking, baking and reading cook books.  I have competed in a triathlon and run a 5k.  I was a cheerleader in high school and I really loved it.  I also threw the javelin for our high school track team.  In college, I was super involved and never took a minute to relax.  I love eating and trying new restaurants in search of really delicious food. I am a recovering shopaholic and I still can't resist a sale.  I could spend hours in a grocery store looking at the different items.  I used to embarrass my mom in stores because I would dance to any song on the radio (and I secretly still do).  I love my friends and family and I really miss them since I moved.  Cooking with my boyfriend, Dan, is one of my favorite things to do.

About my journey

I was always pretty active growing up and when I started working at a gym in high school, my love of all things health-related began.  While I only worked in the daycare and at the front desk, I spent a lot of time talking to the trainers and the fitness fanatics at the gym.  The way they ate and how they were so dedicated to their fitness inspired me learn more about fitness and health.

One of the trainers took me under his wing and started training me to become better at throwing the javelin (something I dabbled in for our Track and Field team).  I learned so much by working out with him and I loved how powerful I felt while I was squatting with the big guys.  I've never felt so strong.

Since that time, I have maintained a fairly regular workout schedule and healthy eating attitude.  That's not to say there haven't been some times of missteps.  At times during college, keeping up a workout routine was just too much to handle and healthy eating was out of the question.  Those phases never lasted too long and I usually hop right back to my routine fairly quickly.  I went through phases of being obsessive about calorie counting, working out and educating myself about health.  These periods of overload were always followed by a crash and binge on whatever I wanted to eat with limited amounts of exercise. Neither of these cycles were healthy.

So here I am now.  I am working hard to strike a healthy balance that is not unnatural to maintain.  Working full-time has actually made it easier for me to get on track because working out has become a part of my everyday routine.  I hope to maintain this healthy lifestyle forever and I'd like to take you on my pursuit of healthiness.  Enjoy!

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