Monday, December 5, 2011

Juice Fast Reflection

I survived! Two days of nothing but juice and it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve experienced.

Throughout the day Saturday, I had 4.5 juices, which is much less than I thought I would need.  I was surprisingly satisfied after each juice and found myself not consumed with the thought of food. The one rough moment I had on Saturday was when I went to Target.  I think a combination of the bright lights and loud noises caused me to feel faint and feverish. I took some deep breaths and powered through the feelings and eventually felt better.

I woke up Sunday and immediately checked the scale, I had lost two pounds! While I was not doing this for weight loss and I know that weight will come back as soon as I started to eat real food again, it was interesting to see what not eating for a day can do! The rest of Sunday was pretty similar to Saturday. I think I only had 3 or 4 juices on Sunday.  After a bit of discussion, I was worried that having our first bite of food on Monday morning would be problematic (read: cause the body to go into shock, making you feel sick and miserable), so we decided to have a big salad for dinner, strictly made of fruits and veggies with no dressing added.  It was wonderful to finally have food after two pretty long days of not eating.  We polished off a fair amount of salad then had some brown rice for substance.

Today was not a great day.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the toxins that have been re-released into my body due to the fasting, but I came down with a head cold today.  This is a pretty common side effect during the fasting, but it didn’t happen to me until this morning.  If I still crappy tomorrow, it’s probably a real cold but if not, it was just the toxic evacuating my body!

All in all, the juice fast was not a miserable experience.  Would I do it again? Probably not for two days in a row. Did I enjoy fasting? I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it but I can say I didn’t hate it. Am I glad I did it? Yes, 100%. It showed that I do have the determination it takes to stick to something like this.  I’m proud that I accomplished a fast!

Tips for a juice fast:

  • Enlist a buddy!- Having Dan fasting right along next to me made it much easier.  If he had been eating real food as I was drinking juice, I probably would have not had the will power I had. Misery loves company, right?
  • Pick a weekend when you can dedicate your time to the fast.-I am glad I chose a weekend that I didn’t have anything to do.  Not having to be around other people that were eating or even outside stimuli was a blessing.  My trip to Target was too much to handle and I wouldn’t recommend leaving the house besides going for a walk.
  • Don’t have too many delicious foods in the cabinets.- You want to eliminate as many temptations as possible.

Would you ever do a juice fast?

How long would you want to do it for?

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