Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Training Plan

Hey guys!

I have felt a little lost this past week in terms of what is next for me fitness-wise. I’ve been lukewarm about all of my workouts since the race because I haven’t been working towards anything specific and I wasn’t sure about any races in the future. After this week, I realized that I work better with a plan and a goal to work towards. So I created a new race/workout plan that will take me until The Blessing of the Fleet, a 10 mile road race in Narragansett, RI. I walk/ran it last year but this year I know I can definitely run the whole thing. Right now, three of my ladies from home are planning on running it too and I couldn’t be more excited! I think my running buddy Jess is going to run it as well. Hooray for a fun race!

Knowing that I already have the endurance to run 10 miles just makes me want to get better. And by better, I mean faster. And stronger. My new race plan will hopefully get me there.

Take a look at the plan below. It’s based loosely on Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 10 mile training plan. The plan includes the running I need to do to be ready for the race, the free classes that Hoboken sponsors in the summer, the yoga class we have on Wednesdays at work, and the bootcamp Living Social membership I bought. I still have a rest day scheduled each week, so I don’t think I will be overtraining. This may get wiggled around a little as time goes on, but I like how it looks and I think it will work.


While we’re talking about types of workouts, I tried anti-gravity yoga with my mom last weekend. It was such a cool experience! I didn’t get any photos of the actual studio but here’s an idea of what it looked like.


Our swings were lower because it was a restorative class. It was a fun class and it really stretched me out. I had a pain in between my shoulders from the race that I couldn’t get to go away but this class got it out! I really want to go back and do the higher one, because I hear it’s more of a workout. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who has the opportunity to give it a try. Flying in a yoga class is a pretty awesome way to workout!

What unique kind of workout class have you taken?

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