Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...or Not

My most recent health conquest is giving up sugar. I use the term “giving it up” lightly. It’s more like I am cutting back severely and only having natural sugars that are hard to avoid. This was sparked by the large amounts of candy I consumed during Halloween, so I figured it was time for a change. Overall, health is always my first priority, but if this sugar cleanse helps me shed a few pounds, I wouldn't hate it.

Today is Day 5 and so far, it hasn't been as hard I thought it would. The first three days were completely painless, but I struggled last night and tonight with my cravings. They strike right after dinner when I want to counter my healthy dinner with something sweet. I see my housemates eating a piece of candy or a bowl of ice cream and it's hard not to miss those things. To control my craving, I try to walk away from the table or have a cup of tea. Yogi tea is my favorite and I'll write a review about it later.

How do you handle your sweet cravings when they strike? What time of the day do you struggle most with your cravings?

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you. You are so right about sugar. I hope you manage to keep away from sugar. I wish I could too...


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