Friday, November 26, 2010

Surviving Thanksgiving

So yesterday was potentially the biggest eating day of the year. People go wild, eating everything they can get their hands on, filling their plates multiple times. I considered this to be the biggest test of my self-control and determination of sticking to eating healthy. We had all of the usual Thanksgiving sides; delicious stuffing, squash, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, and cranberry sauce. I decided I only was going to have one plate of food with no seconds. I only ate a small amount of stuffing and squash and tried to fill up on the corn and green beans.

My mom and I cooked the stuffing so we took steps to make it a little healthier. We used only whole wheat bread and used eggs and milk to soften the stuffing. It turned out to be delicious and a little bit healthier. We also made a healthier chocolate pie. We used a whole wheat pie crust from Whole Foods and made sugar-free Jello Pudding. I had a small sliver just to ward off cravings for the other desserts, but I only had a few bites. While I was eating the pie, I realized I didn't even want it or any of the other desserts.

Originally, I was fully prepared to go all out and eat whatever I wanted yesterday. I was going to allow myself November 25th and December 25th to eat desserts, but I think I've gotten past that point. My cravings for sugar have basically disappeared, which has made situations like yesterday much easier to endure.

Did you make any healthy modifications to your Thanksgiving cooking? Share them in the comments section!

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