Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One small victory!

Monday marked a huge turning point in my fight against sugar. The place I work is always scattered with sugary goodies to keep us going through the night. In the past, I was overcome by my desire to enjoy these tasty goodies, often consuming more than any human should. This week was different though. The table was covered in delicious looking cookies, brownies and candy. My first reaction was to marvel at how good they looked and I got excited to eat one with dinner. Right away, however, I remembered my pact to rid my diet of refined sugar. Disappointed, I walked away to do work but I couldn't stop thinking about the treats that were waiting on the table for me.

While I am still amazed at my self-control, I managed to make it 6 hours without touching a single sugary treat. I attribute my success to having banned refined sugars from my diet. Here are some of my other tips to resisting:

-Remind yourself why you gave something up in the first place. If you did it for weight-loss, think about the results you want to achieve and how you can be successful.
-Walk away! Take a step back from the candy jar or big piece of cake and do something else. Take your mind off of the treat and you are likely to forget about the craving.
-Don't keep a candy jar on your desk. Keeping candy at your desk will only promote mindless snacking. If you really want a piece of candy, you should seek it out to ensure you really want it.
-Just say "No, thanks!" It is hard at office parties and gatherings to avoid your co-workers' baked goods. There is nothing wrong with just saying "No" if you are offered something you don't want to eat.

What tips do you use for avoiding something you are trying not to eat? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to say, "No thanks" at parties and gatherings. American culture makes us believe it is rude to reject offerings of food. As an intern this summer, I found it very difficult to find healthy foods at networking gatherings or office parties, due to my low status in the organization.


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