Friday, August 5, 2011

Back again!

Well, hello again Pursuit of Healthiness readers! I realize it’s been well over 6 months (yikes!) of no blogging and for that, I apologize. 

I won’t make excuses, but…okay I will Smile

When I left you I was finishing up my first semester senior year and on a great health kick.  But as soon as I left school for Christmas break, it was a downhill spiral.  My family and I went on vacation and I ate like I had never been fed before (insert picture of me eating a PopTart here, vomit).  Come January, I was back at school, interning twice a week in NYC and living up my last year of college (read-late night drinking followed by trips to Mickey D’s at 5am, double vomit).  Upon graduation, I took a good look at my far overbloated self and thought, “what the hell did I do to my body?!”

graduation That’s me on the right, let’s play spot the double chin!

So that’s where I am now friends; a college grad, a week into my first job and recommitted to the Pursuit of Healthiness (both the blog and my own healthiness). 

Welcome back!

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