Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eataly or bust

Friday night Dan, Sam and I went into NYC to meet Devin and his brother for dinner and to go out.  Since the Path lets off right at 23rd Street I suggested we go one block over to Eataly.  I had heard a lot about it in the recent years and knew it was a place I wanted to explore once I moved to the area. 

It was as awe inspiring, overwhelming and amazing as I expected it to be.  There were so many cheeses, meats, desserts and smells that I wouldn’t even know where to start. 

photo (2) (This is just one of the many sections of Eataly.)

So there in lies the problem.  We never started thus I never got to eat at Eataly Sad smile No one wanted to agree on one type of food (pasta, pizza, meat) and everyone wanted a sit down meal, so we left and went elsewhere.  Unfortunately, I never got to experience Eataly and I was mega disappointed.  I guess we’ll have to go back one time during the day or during the week when it isn’t crowded and you can fully absorb everything that is happening around you.

Instead of dining at Eataly (tear) we went to a vegetarian Indian restaurant Saravanaa Bhavan was mega yum.  Half of our table, including myself, got Cheese Masala Dosa.  It was mashed potatoes, onions and cheese inside of a lentil paper wrap.  It was huge, spicy and amazing.  It came with four types of dipping sauces- I don’t know what they are called but I know the two on the left were coconutty and spicy, the third one was more savory but still spicy and the one farthest to the right was the least spicy and reminded me of a minestrone soup.  If anyone knows the names of these sauces, please leave them in the comments!

photo (3)

This was an all hands on deck kind of meal; it was almost impossible to eat with just a fork and knife.  This vegetarian Indian spot was great though and it made me want to explore further what other options I could have as a vegetarian (not that I am one or planning on becoming one, it’s just always been a thought I’ve had).

This weekend has been a foodie weekend for sure and the next stop on our adventure is  the Food Truck Rally today in Brooklyn.  I have become obsessed with food trucks lately, so I am super excited to experience the finest NYC food trucks.  What food trucks have you been to? Any you recommend?

Have a fabulous Sunday and keep an eye out for a review of the Food Truck Rally!

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