Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What’d Ya Eat Wednesday & a little ‘tein

Today I wanted to start doing something new.  Every Wednesday I will track (and photograph) everything I eat for the day so you can get a sense of what I am doing to stay on the pursuit of healthiness.  I figured it could be a good way to find some new, simple, healthy meal options for all.  I’d love it if you’d post your ‘What’d Ya Eat’ Wednesday in the comments so I can get some cool, new ideas too! This is also an exercise in keeping me accountable for what I am putting in my body at least one day a week.  After all, this is just the Pursuit of Healthiness and not the pinnacle of it. 

The day started with a kickin’ egg sandy.IMG_0358

One egg omelet with feta cheese added while cooking, piece of Swiss cheese melted on top, a bit of nutritional yeast sprinkled on the cheese, all on a whole wheat English muffin, with a kick of Frank’s hot sauce. Filling and an amazing way to start the day!

Lunch was my usual. 

photo (4)

  • Egg salad (eggs are the most economical way I can think of to get a lot of protein pow) made with Veganaise, mustard, and a little S&P on a whole wheat sandwich thin
  • A small Fuji apple with a spoonful of natural peanut butter
  • A Fiber Plus bar (the Dark Chocolate Almond are bangin’)

A small afternoon of Quaker Oatmeal Weight Control Maple & Brown Sugar.  People sitting around me were jeally about how delish it smells Smile

photo (5)

(It kind of looks like scrambled eggs from the picture, whoops!)

I met Mere for dinner in the city and forgot I was taking pictures of what I was eating.  I got a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.

Then, once I finally got home, I made my new protein shake and was so excited that I had to try some right away.

So on to my amazing protein shake.  I found this protein shake from one of my favorite blogs, Daily Garnish, and have been so excited to try it.  I ordered all of the ingredients from and I have been anxiously anticipating their arrival. 

IMG_0359 (Hooray, it’s here!!)

I quickly ripped the box open and found this little surprise nugget waiting for me!

IMG_0360 A free sample of Chia seeds, thanks Nuts Online!!

I ordered hemp protein, maca powder, chlorella, and spirulina for the shake and PB2, which is powdered peanut butter,  from Bell Plantations (I am still waiting for the PB2 though).


The nutritional value of this shake is off the charts (click the link above for Emily’s run down)  and it’s only a fraction of the cost of premade protein mixes.

Caution note: don’t breathe in too deeply while making this concoction or you’ll want to throw it all away.  It smells pretty nasty in its powder form, but once you add all of the goodies, it’s not so bad!

Despite the fact that I am missing the PB2, cinnamon, banana and the agave, it turned out to be pretty tasty.  It is earthy and fruity, which makes me feel like I am doing something good for my body. 


I will definitely be having one of these babies after every workout for my DV of ‘tein.  Thanks, Daily Garnish, for this great recipe!

I made a pretty big mess while making this concoction.IMG_0364





So what’d you eat today?


  1. I really don't have time to plan my meals out but i started out with a bagel thin and peanut butter with an apple. For lunch I had left over southwest stir-fry which is pork, tomato, corn, and beans. (YUMMY). Then for dinner I made some wonderful fish tacos! Thanks for blogging! GREAT READ

  2. The cinnamon (or I added cocoa powder) really helps the flavor A LOT!! Love your blend :)


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