Thursday, September 1, 2011

So you think you can brown bag?

Hey all! Hope you are having a fabulous day! Today is my last day of work for the week, we get tomorrow off for Labor Day, wahoo Smile

Brown Bag Challenge


So I mentioned the Brown Bag Challenge in yesterday’s post, but I want to explain to you what exactly it is.  The Challenge is an initiative implemented by the Food Network (love!) to encourage people to bring their lunch everyday for the whole month of September.  I gladly accepted the challenge because it will save me a ton of money and force me to eat healthier, which are two of my favorite things!

Every Tuesday, Healthy Eats will post a list of all of the posts from bloggers who are participating in this challenge, so watch out for mine there every Tuesday!

When it comes to packing my lunch, I typically stick to egg salad.  It definitely gets repetitive and it’s not all that filling, so I am searching for lunch suggestions.  I don’t like eating hot food for lunch, so that limits me a bit.  Please submit your favorite lunches in the comment section so I can get some new ideas!

September Goals

I wanted to start another initiative every month.  I am going to outline goals, both personal and professional, at the beginning of each month and then check in at the end of the month to see if I completed them.  If this is something you’re interested in participating in, post your goals in the comments and we can recap together at the end of the month.

Blog goals:

  • Switch URL to a customized domain name- I am still figuring out which URL I like best, but stay tuned for that happening soon!
  • Create tabs at top of the homepage for easier navigation.
  • Complete Brown Bag Challenge!
  • Create a Facebook page for Pursuit of Healthiness.

Personal goals:

  • Workout at least 3 times a week-I should crush this goal with no problem!
  • Lose 5 pounds this month-I am still working off my senior 15, yikes (it wasn’t actually 15, it’s a figure of speech)!
  • Fully finish moving into the apartment-We really need to hang all of the pictures and paintings (I’m looking at you, Brace).

I figured I’d start small with this month’s goals; I don’t want to run out by next month! I have plenty more blog goals but they will take patience and more time to achieve.

If you don’t hear from me this weekend, have a great Labor Day weekend! I will be with my three besties, Haley, Sarah, and Meredith, exploring Hoboken, NYC and the Shore! I can’t wait for them to get here Smile Enjoy the sunshine!

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