Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm back...again

I'm the worst healthy living blogger out there, I admit it. This is the second time I've taken a long time off of posting. It wasn't entirely my fault however, I was laptop-less for over a month. My regular laptop blue screened as soon as I moved, and while Dan tried to restore it, it won't connect to Internet. Womp womp.
So I was using my netbook for blogging and all things computer related but one night I tried to look up a recipe and in the process dropped my netbook from our bar counter and needless to say, that one broke too.
I'm totally fine without a computer because I mainly use my phone, but the blogging took a back seat.
Mama Davis came through in the clutch and sent me her old netbook this week, so now I'm back in action! Thanks, Ma! I know I probably lost all of my readers in this past hiatus, but I will make it up to you! Thanks for hanging in there, friends. I won't disappoint you :)
Ciao for now!

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