Monday, October 31, 2011

We did it! HoBOOken 5k

Saturday was the day of the HoBOOken 5k.  You know from my previous post that I was super nervous to compete in this 5k because of the impending snowstorm.  Here’s a quick recap of all things about the race.


Figuring out what to wear for this race proved to be a challenge.  It was supposed to be freezing rain, which meant I had to dress for the rain and the cold.  While I was cold, wet and miserable after the race, I was the right temperature and marginally wet, given the conditions.  In order to stay warm-ish I wore many layers:

  • Dri-fit tee shirt
  • Light fleece that zipped to my chin
  • Uninsulated rain coat
  • Under armour running tights
  • Capri work out pants
  • Running gloves
  • Wool hat

I was worried about wearing the rain coat because it would keep in all of my body heat, but I’m glad I decided to wear it.  The hood kept my head dry, which made all the difference.  Plus, there was no body heat to keep in because it was so cold out.


It was colder than I expected and the rain was indeed freezing.  We were so lucky though, because as soon as the race was over, it started snowing.  It snowed throughout the night and the Northeast is currently a bit of a mess.  We ran along the river for most of the race and sometimes the wind was so strong it almost knocked me over.  Other than that, after I found a pace, I didn’t really notice the rain.


It’s no secret that I am not a runner and I had to work to run this 5k.  I am pleased though, because it was a day of firsts: the first time I ran without an IPod and the first time I ran in the rain.  I ran with Dan and Jess, so we kept each other going without music.  It was nice running with a team, especially on a day like Saturday.  If I hadn’t had them with me, I probably would have run slower or stopped to take walking breaks.  It was great knowing people were going through it with you.

The Race

On a normal day, the course would be beautiful because it is on the Hudson River the whole time with views of the NYC skyline the whole way.  The river ended up being a curse though, because of the wind that was coming off of it.  The water was so choppy from the wind and you could barely see the city through the rain.  We started at 10 am in the 10:00 min/mile group and maintained a steady pace throughout the race.  Many people were dressed up for Halloween, which kept the race light and fun.  Overall, I am really happy that I competed in this race.  I proved to myself that I can conquer any sort of physical challenge I want.  It just takes a little training, dedication and confidence. 





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