Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Over-Indulgence

Happy November 1st! I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween! I am writing this while waiting for trick or treaters and digesting from a day of way too much food.

At work, we are very spirited about holidays.  We had two days of costumes and a Halloween Bake-Off yesterday.  Almost everyone brought in a baked good and we had to vote for our favorites based on test, presentation and Halloween theme. 

I won Most Creative Costume for my portrayal of Lambchop:

And I also was the runner-up for Most Delicious treat in the Bake-Off for my Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes with Apple Cider Frosting! It was super moist and amazing.  I will definitely be making them again soon, maybe for Thanksgiving!

In order to be a fair judge, I tried almost all of the treats.  I didn’t eat each treat in its entirety; I just had a bite or two to get the flavor, but there were so many that I know I over-indulged.  I never eat this badly, so today did a number on my body. 

I feel so sluggish and tired, full and bloated right now, so I know I need to do a mini detox.  The rest of this week I plan on detoxing with the following foods:

  • Tons of water with lemon-the lemon helps aid in digestion and cleans everything out
  • Fresh fruits and veggies to put more water in my system
  • Lay off the caffeine to avoid headache
  • Consume brown rice and a few whole grains for some fiber
  • Limit meats and dairy
  • In general, just eat clean

I’m chugging lemon water now and I already feel better.  If anything, eating like I did yesterday inspires me to eat better today because I don’t like the way those foods make me feel.

This is the season of over-indulgence, so I am going to try harder to limit my intake for the rest of the holiday parties by choosing what looks best. I will write a post soon about how to decide what is worth eating during the holiday parties!

How do you detox after a day (or week) of over-indulgence?

Do you have any tips on being selective about what you eat during parties?


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